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Business Management

Providing effective and efficient leadership in business of sports

Professional sports business management is almost non-existent in Africa. No critical attention is paid to the development of formal thoughts and discipline in the management of the peculiarities of sports businesses. The result is that those entrusted with administration of sports are usually not adequately taught or prepared for the intricacies existing in their functions. This one critical factor has led to the underdevelopment of sports as a self-sustaining industry on the continent. With only few exceptions in South Africa and some North African countries, the business intelligence, managerial acumen, and knowledgebase required to manage the business of sports is almost non-existent.

We help organisations strip beyond the politics and bureaucracies that clog and choke professionalism in sports management. Our focus has always been to turn boards and management teams into lean, well-trained and properly informed, efficient and effective decision-making bodies, for the development of the industry.


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