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Making creative ideas work in real space

The fish stinks from the head. The success of a professional club begins with the calibre of its decision-making machinery. In the absence of innovative planning, funds spent on the clubs are distributed haphazardly, wasted on inconsequential expenses, and often not directed to strengthening the clubs in relevant areas. This has been mostly due to the ineptitude of club handlers, lack of knowledge of ways to develop innovative strategies, lack of will to follow through with directives, and lack of ability to translate ideas and desired goals into daily iterative and measured activities that lead to outstanding performance and victories.

In Africa, the realisation that sporting events are able to command patronage with consistent profitability is still uncommon. The best clubs in the world are also some of the best and most innovative businesses in the sports industry. Through global and localised researches, we provide strategic business support to professional clubs and developmental institutions, ensuring that total quality management, growth initiative, superlative performance and profitability are ingrained in the corporate culture and daily activities of the club or academy.


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