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Putting the shine in events and tournaments planning and execution

The organisation, funding, management and perpetuation of sporting events are very key to the continuity of the events. Major tournaments around the world involve huge logistics and financing, but are also made possible by professional planning and acute attention to each department. There is also a plan to ensure a sustained financing of the event, for business continuity. This plan is always in 3 phases (pre-event, execution and post-event), and includes costs, returns to be derived, planning of ceremonies, publicity and marketing of the event, broadcast coverage and implementation logistics.

We provide a keen and professional coverage of all the bases, ensuring that there is no neglect of relevant planning and implementation areas. We also ensure a robust review of events to build on successes, learn from areas needing improvement, and provide business case for business continuity, so that organisers are adequately furnished with information to help them repeat the events at pre-determined future intervals, with ease.


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