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Facilities Management

Professional maintenance of income-generating tangible assets

The care and maintenance of sports arenas require constant attention to details. It is very often the case that stadia and sports centres are built without adequate thought to the costs of maintenance, administration of the facility and how to ensure that the facility’s upkeep is (wholly or partially) self-financed. The result after a few years of establishment is a rapid deterioration and eventual dilapidation of what ought to have been an income-generating asset. In almost all such cases, research shows that administrators of those facilities are lacking in expertise, integrity and professionalism.

We provide researched advisory services for construction of new stadia and sporting facilities, to ensure feasible maintenance in the long term, and to derive consistent revenue from the use of the facilities. We also provide new initiatives to reorganise the maintenance and administration of existing facilities, from refurbishment to perpetual usefulness.


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