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breaking barriers in the business of sports

Who we are

Wura International Sports Entertainment (WISE) Ltd. is a sports, leisure and entertainment company, dedicated to creative excellence. We are in business to enhance sports in Nigeria and Africa through the introduction of total-quality, commercially viable initiatives. Our goal is to profitably apply innovation to building various sports and recreational endeavours into revenue-generating, marketable industries.

We have a short history, having just come into existence in 2014. However, our professional touch is already evident in the little inputs we have made so far.


Why we stand out

Passion for sports

For us, this is not only just business. We're all fans. We love the adrenaline rush of victory. We suffer the pain of defeat with our respective teams. The love of sports drives us!

Flexible operations

We provide measurable, scalable and visible results for our clients, using strategic business analysis and acute attention to details.

Creative innovations

One of our best assets is diversity in experiences and skills. We prioritise creative delivery to each unique clientele. Each business is special.

Business development

We are experts at maximising the mix of passion, entertainment and business, applying researched input to facilitate business growth, on and off the pitch.

Global reach

With access to the corridors of the world, we are best positioned to help our clients utilise limited resources for desired success and business growth.

Timely precision

Sports run on seasons. We leverage uncommon skills to provide timely and accurate, best-fit solutions that promise immediate impact on fast-paced businesses.




Our library

We have an array of in-house research work focussed on sports development, and we are ever happy to share them with you. Some of our in-house research works are free to view, download and/or use, while others are technical and can only be accessed by our clients. We also have research outcomes that can only be useful in contexts, and therefore must be tailor-made to suit the needs of our clients. Our innovative style is also heavily dependent on studying best practices in the business of sports around the world, and we continue to build our library of published materials, which, for copyright reasons, cannot be shared with the public. These materials span the vast gamut of the industry from team building to development and training, sports sciences, facilities development and management, administration and business. You need not wonder why we are your best sports consulting option.