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The One Step Ahead programme is a flexible, scalable initiative that seeks to assist parents/guardians of would-be athletes, youth development programmes/academies and stakeholders focus on what is most important in the developmental projects of young athletes. The One Step Ahead programme is based on rigorous, modern best practices in training, lifestyle and daily endeavours.


"Selling Sports" is a professional sports business develop-ment toolkit that enables investors start professional clubs from scratch, or existing club owners transform the clubs into income-generating assets. This consultancy plan-book comes complete with deliverable checklists, financial plan-ning module, players engagement plan, scalable, stretched team-targets and standard performance measurement. Gone are the days when wealthy individuals, corporations and governments at all levels think of sports clubs only as 'sponsored sinkholes.


The "GO" (Generation Olympian) Project is a sure-fire athletics development programme that ensures that the teeming youthful population in a community, state or nation are cultivated into ardent, disciplined and successful amateur and professional athletes, who will excel in inter-national circles such as the Olympics, Commonwealth Games and other international sports events. With their success, groomed athletes can pursue gainful professional careers that will benefit the athletes and the programme organisers.


Some specific programmes

Subject-focussed programmes are excellent for established sports organisations that wish to improve on specific areas of their operation. Specific programmes provide impactful ways to revamp or enhance productivity in lagging departments without a need for total overhaul. The list of programmes below is not exhaustive.

Corporate restructuring

We can help professional sports business organisations train their management and administrative staff at all levels, and prepare them for proper corporate structures required to support a thriving professional sport team. Trainings include boardroom ethics, corporate governance, key performance optimisation, operational risks management, planning and development, players engagement an career development, and team supervision.

Technical training

We help provide on-the-job and specialised training for technical and coaching crews. Sports evolve daily, and so does the response of professional researchers and practitioners. Through international affiliations, we offer courses in up-to-date best practices in the business, to improve the skills and knowl-edge base of team handlers. courses are practical, and tailored to cater to the specific needs of every client-club: short courses, action learning courses, online courses, domestic and international courses are all available.

Athletes performance management

One commonly shared reality in every sporting endeavour is that performance in the game arena determines success. We help the technical and coaching crews of amateur, developmental and professional clubs design winning training programmes that are scalable, SMART and best-fit for the team. The result will be a consistently updated metric performance development tracker for each athlete.

Brand modification

A strong, visible, sustainable and superior business brand is built on a combination of on-field and off-field excellence. We help design and build brand images (colours, logos, events, memorabilia, stationery,etc) of international standard, and launch brand awareness campaigns. The ultimate goal of every major professional sport club is to create brand loyalty of its fan-base, and to generate revenue both in and outside the field through commercialised loyalty. A win-win situation for club owners, players and supporters.