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Talent Development & Management

Nurturing, developing and launching star athletes to the global stage

Hard work beats talent when talent doesn’t work hard. As it is the case with natural resources, Africa is replete with abounding talents with various attributes and skillsets needed in many sporting activities, but lacking in institutionalised plan to invest in tapping and nurturing them. Thus, these talents are mostly wasted, undiscovered and lacking in deliberate cultivation. The few athletes that have succeeded have had to depend on personal efforts and the opportunity offered for profitable pursuit of their sporting careers outside Africa, in places where the sports industry is respected and promoted as an important and integral part of a macroeconomy.

We do not only have the expertise and resources to scout and discover talents, but we also develop talent development programmes to help nurture ardent rookies into prosperous professionals. We work with individual athletes, developmental academies, clubs and sports associations and federations, to find and grow potential athletes. Our clients can also choose from any of our proprietary programmes (“One Step Ahead”, Selling Sports and The GO Programme), which either focuses on talent development, or includes athletes skills enhancement modules in their curriculum.


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